Monday, March 23, 2009

Word War One

Swanky once told me to just keep sketching letters and something would come of it.

Switch. Concept. Metro

During my research at Concordia, I tried to find a way to bring elements of narrative and movement into my graf sketches. If you think about the nature of graffiti and how new artwork is constantly sprayed over the old artwork, each past layer is covered up and lost forever. But those layers are still there, and if you think of this series of layers as a sequence of images, it becomes animation.

For this particular experiment, I decided to have a conflict of words with opposing meanings:

Sin >> Nature >> Artificial Behaviour >> Primal Instincts >> Supression >> Freedom >> Oppression >> Rebellion >> Capitalism vs Communism >> Journalism vs Propaganda >> Science vs Creation >> Singularitist Conception >> Sin

Music by the Canadian artist Mango Lasi. Completed in Fall 2007.

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